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Welcome To Lender To Lender Financing!

We at Lender to Lender Financing enjoy offering a financing program to auto dealers that will care for the well being of the dealers customers.

Through our experiences we believe the customer remains the same but the dealer makes the difference in the loan completion.

The customer must get the most for their money and have pride in their vehicle and the customer must be guided throughout the term of the contract.

We all know that not every customer will pay to the completion of their contract, but most customers will want to pay to completion of their contract.  With the dealers help the customer has a better chance to complete their contract and improve their credit.  We believe the chances of repayment are better when the dealer is making the financing decision.

The dealer knows their customers better than any score or report about the customer history.

We at Lender Financing will share advice on your deals from time to time,  but in the end the dealer will make the final decision.

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